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Our company is a leading research chemical supplier for quite some time and our online store is dedicated to bring convenience to learning institutions, biochemists, medical institutions, chemistry students, pharmaceutical scientists, pharmacologists, toxicologists and students of medical fields when it comes to buying the research chemicals they need. Our goal is to help these people by means of providing high standard and excellent line of chemicals for medical communities’ testing purposes, mock research and analysis. 

What are research chemicals?

Research chemicals are synthetic types of substances utilized by science experts in their scientific or medical study and analysis. A research chemical characteristic is exclusively for the purpose of research, study and testing in the laboratory. Always remember that chemicals for research are not safe for both animal and human consumption. 

Types of Research Chemicals that are known and widely popular in the market today

•    Stimulants / Entactogens
•    Hallucinogens
•    Depressants / Opiates
•    Cannabinoids

Well-reputed chemical store in Europe and UK

Buytherc is a world-class online company that highlights chemical research substances for medical marketplaces based in Great Britain and in the rest of Europe. Our company is the best web-based chemical research store and it engages in research chemical marketing. Buytherc is a reputable supplier of above industry standard research chemicals.

“This website helped me a lot in finding the best research chemical products I need for medical studies and laboratory testing purposes. So, I highly recommend this website to all.”
– Nathan, UK 

Our company is popular for bringing the best rates and services to customers worldwide. Buytherc ‘s support group that can handle queries and requests of customers within 24 hours. Our company always makes it a point that the products we offer are dispatched as fast as we can.  In addition, Buytherc guarantees secured products delivery and customer satisfaction. 

Why it’s a good idea ordering at our store?

Butherc’s ordering process comes with a secured order tracking system to make sure that delivery is successful and safe. Our company is very cautious and meticulous when it comes to our customers’ ordering security. Our products are dispatched quickly and in good condition, that’s why we guarantee superb customer service. 

Recommended products

Below are a few of Butherc’s recommended research chemical products, which you need to note about:
•    2-FMA
•    2C-P
•    2NE1
•    3,4-CTMP
•    3-CBP

“Butherc is the best choice of company when it comes to buying the right chemicals for the purpose of research and analysis. It is helpful in finding the ideal research chemicals for my medical and lab experiments.” 
– Amelie, France

Reliable Payments 

Our company is proud to say that we offer our clients the most flexible, dependable and easiest way to pay. For this reason, we are accepting diverse mode of payment arrangements, which includes money order, debit and credit card transactions, as well as a bank transfer option. 

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